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Traveling means moving from one location or base country to some foreign or other location by using any one of the several available means. People travel widely from one country to another for thousands of purposes. Some of the main reasons why people travel is tourism, for the sake of some medical treatment, for some business purpose or just for the sake of traveling. Traveling is something which is preferred, liked and enjoyed by many people and a lot of people travel from one country to other. There is a similar concept as 'traveling' which is known as a 'trip'. But a trip is something specific and limited to its meanings. A trip means to go and come back from a specific place. Trips are basically purpose oriented while traveling is for the sake of fun, enjoyment and passing leisure time. Traveling can be of any scale. You can just travel up to the end of your street just for the sake of fresh air or you can travel from France to New York to celebrate the New Year parties. Traveling also comes under the heading of 'tourism' while tourism is a much broader concept than traveling.

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